Getting started

  • What are the details of the start-at-home option?

  • Can I access financing?

  • I’m a veteran, do you offer a discount?

  • What products will I be able to sell?

  • What companies do you represent?

  • Are there limitations on where I can open my Brightway location?

  • If I don’t have insurance experience, can I still run my operation, or do I have to hire someone who does?

  • Can you describe the training I will receive?

  • Can you tell me more about the support I will receive from Brightway?

  • Can I open an Office Agency as a Retail Agency Owner?

  • Can I convert to your Retail Agency model in the future?

  • Can I start with the Standard option and move to Enhanced in the future?

  • What are my options if I want to retire?