Start a Brightway franchise today and unlock your true earning potential.

Explore our recession-proof franchising options that also offer the unique benefit of a recurring income stream.

What our franchisees have to say...

Dimitri Apostle

Dimitri Apostle

"Brightway delivers the support that allowed me to move to a new community and start an insurance agency from scratch. Once open, I spent my time networking and relationship building with professional referral sources in the greater Charlotte business community, a luxury unavailable at my previous agency."

Brightway, The Dimitri J. Apostle Agency
Waxhaw, NC

Derrick Vance

Derrick Vance

"As a prior corporate manager, I wanted to remove myself from corporate politics. Joining Brightway has allowed me to work with an organization that truly values innovation, success for all and integrity."

Brightway, The Vance Agency
Winter Springs, FL

Ana Villafana

Ana Villafana

“Brightway gave me the opportunity to be my own boss and to manage my time and how much I want to grow my business. It also gave me the freedom to help all types of customers, something I was not able to do in the captive world and something I value most.”

Brightway, The Villafana Agency
Houston, TX

Matt Grundwerg

Matt Grundwerg

"The partnership that exists between my agency and Brightway is one that makes us very confident and optimistic about our long-term success. Brightway is committed to a very open style of communication and is genuinely concerned about issues that are brought to them by Agency Owners."

Brightway, Coral Springs
Coral Springs, FL

Tim Walters

Tim Walters

"I had been reading Brightway’s marketing materials for years while working as a producer at a captive agency. Now that I am operating my own Brightway Agency, I can tell you that I regret wasting all of those years not offering more choice and expert consultation to my customers. I wished I had joined the Brightway family sooner."

Brightway, The Walters Agency
Morristown, TN

Michelle Jeralds

Michelle Jeralds

“It’s hard for me to imagine what it would cost me outside of the Brightway system to have the industry-leading Marketing team I enjoy here. The team provides me with a customized website that drives leads, specialized referral pages for my business partners, continuous cross-sell campaigns that help me build my book, customer newsletters tailored to my agency, and an online Marketing tool shopping site."

Brightway, The Michelle Jeralds Agency
Jacksonville, FL

Michele Robicheaux

Michele Robicheaux

"Brightway, for me, has been a dream come true. I have a new energy in my step as I go to the office each day. For my team and I, the sky is the limit."

Brightway, The Michele Robicheaux Agency
Youngsville, LA

Jim Pihl

Jim Pihl

“By converting my independent agency to a Brightway agency, I was able to give customers the impressive choice in carriers that Brightway offers. Even better, my existing customers get great service that is focused on keeping them happy and retaining their business, which lets me spend more time growing my business.”

Brightway, The Pihl Agency
Jacksonville, FL

Amy Briley

Amy Briley

"By partnering with Brightway, we have so many avenues and options available to us to help our customers. This only makes our ability to help others that much stronger. We are excited for the years ahead, as we grow and make a mark on our local area!"

Brightway, The Briley Family Agency
Fuquay-Varina, NC

With Brightway, you have options.

Whether your intent is to operate a small agency on your own or build a large retail agency with multiple sales agents, we have franchise models tailored to meet your business goals. And, you’ll have the flexibility to transition your agency as you grow.

Office Agency Standard Office Agency Enhanced Retail Agency

Want to start your own agency without having to finance or hire additional staff? Maximize your profit potential by taking advantage of our Office Agency Standard model. This empowers you to start selling through the Brightway system with full back-office and marketing support from our award-winning team of over 500 experts. Franchise fee of only $10,000.

Eager to grow your business more quickly, but not ready to build out a full-scale retail space? Our Office Agency Enhanced model empowers you to do that through higher new business commissions. Get started for only $10,000 down with the benefit of Brightway financing and deferred monthly payments.

Is your goal to build a full-scale agency complete with visible signage and a team of sales agents? Our flagship Retail Agency model, which offers the highest commissions, has produced over 100 agencies surpassing $1 million in annualized premium.1 Franchise fee of $50,0002 with financing and deferred monthly payments available through Brightway.

Office Agency Standard

Want to start your own agency without having to finance or hire additional staff? Maximize your profit potential by taking advantage of our Office Agency Standard model. This empowers you to start selling through the Brightway system with full back-office and marketing support from our award-winning team of over 500 experts. Franchise fee of only $10,000.

Three reasons to start a Brightway agency:

1. Earning Potential

As a Brightway franchise owner you’ll also enjoy the unique benefit of building a residual income stream as policies you sell renew. Few businesses are as recession-proof as the insurance industry. As an independent agent, you'll have access to a steady stream of income—no matter what's happening in the economy.

2. Service & Support

Nearly 500 insurance experts provide training and support in areas including customer engagement, technology, accounting, marketing, distribution and Business analytics.  In addition, Brightway handles carrier relations and appointments, as well as support with personnel hiring, licensing, onboarding, training and retention. 

3. Freedom

Take control of your future and be your own boss. Franchising not only offers you the same freedom of managing your own business but gives you the tools and support to lead you to success. 


Who are ideal Brightway Agency Owners?

People with insurance experience

You know what it takes to be successful as an  insurance agent. Put that knowledge to work – and take control of your future. You'll get access to the top carriers in your market and be empowered to focus on new sales to grow your book of business fast. 

People without insurance experience

No insurance background? No problem. More      than half of our top agency owners opened their Brightway franchise with no prior industry experience.

"Serial" entrepreneurs

You like new adventures and diverse business interests. You like new adventures and diverse business interests. A Brightway Agency could be your next great investment.

People in related businesses

If you’re a realtor or a mortgage banker or a title agent, consider opening a Brightway Agency and deliver the insurance that your customers need to close their sales. Adding Brightway Agency to your services is   convenient for them and profitable for you.

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