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Franchise Options

When you join one of two Brightway franchise models, you start to build your personal wealth and you can quickly and easily become a Multi-unit Owner.

There are two ways to get started:
The Office Agent or a Retail Agency franchise

Retail Agency:
Build a sales team and grow your business faster

When you open a Retail Agency with Brightway, you’ll be able to build large sales teams, growing faster and becoming more profitable. Brightway Retail Agency Owners:

  • Build sales teams
  • Can launch enterprises
  • Create a legacy
  • Enjoy up to 100% new business commission and 55% renewal business commission
I had been reading Brightway's marketing materials for years while working as a producer at a captive agency. I finally decided to look more closely at the Brightway opportunity when I realized that I'd gone as far as I could in that position. Now that I am operating my own agency, I can tell you that I regret wasting all of those years not offering more choice and expert consultation to my customers. I wish I had joined the Brightway family sooner.
Tim Walters
Brightway, The Walters Agency

Office Agent:
Leverage your experience to build your business and your profit

When you become an Office Agent with Brightway, you pay a reduced franchise fee of $30,000, and have access to our systems, tools and processes that make Brightway business owners successful. And, our world-class service team will handle the service work for you, enabling you to grow your business faster. And, you will enjoy:

  • Reduced up-front costs
  • No office build-out requirements
  • Up to two people
  • 80% new business commission and 50% renewal business commission
The support we receive with Brightway is much better than anything we could do on our own. The brand, while still young, is growing and expanding and that is exciting for all of us!
Maz Ganim

Independent Agent:
Your path to agency ownership

The Brightway Independent Agent program is a short-term, commission-based program in which you can enjoy a no-fee** path to agency ownership, day-one profitability, access to more markets and after-the-sale service that lets you focus on new business.

  • No up-front fees** - day-one profitability
  • Work from home
  • 50% commission on new and renewal business
Brightway delivers the support that allowed me to move to a new community and start an agency from scratch. Once open, I spent my time networking and relationship building with professional referral sources in the greater Charlotte business community, a luxury unavailable at my previous agency.
Dimitri Apostle
Waxhaw, NC

Enterprise Agencies:
Build your enterprise with multiple Retail Agencies and Offices

What will your Brightway enterprise look like? The sky is the limit.

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The partnership that exists between my agency and Brightway is one that makes us very confident and optimistic about our long-term success. Brightway is committed to a very open style of communication and is genuinely concerned about issues that are brought to them by Agency Owners
Matt Grundwerg
Brightway, Coral Springs

Leverage your experience to build your wealth

There are multiple ways to achieve your dreams with Brightway: 

  Franchise Options Non-Franchise Option
  Enterprise Agencies Retail Agency Office Agent Independent Agent
Insurance Experience None None Personal Lines Sales and/or Ownership Personal Lines Sales
Initial Fee N/a $60,000 $30,000 $0
Commission Split 85-100% new
55% renewal
85-100% new
55% renewal
80% new
50% renewal
50% new
50% renewal
Ability to grow an enterprise Yes Yes No No
Contract term 5 years with unlimited renewals at no cost 5 years with unlimited renewals at no cost 5 years with unlimited renewals at no cost 6 months with one renewal option
Holistic business support Yes Yes Yes Yes
After-the-sale service Yes Yes Yes Yes
Staff required Minimum of 3 Minimum of 3 Maximum of 2 Maximum of 1
Location Multiple locations Retail space Professional location Work from anywhere

Our reputation says it all.

My main job as an Agency Owner is to protect my clients’ most important assets. Being partnered with Brightway provides me with the tools and the carriers to be able to do just that. This opportunity also allows me to provide opportunities for my employees that they may not get elsewhere. Plus, it allows me to build the type of future I want for myself and my family

Kandie Landers Brightway, The Landers Agency
Glendale, CO and Fort Lauderdale, FL

Coming on in October 11 years ago, two short months after the opening of Brightway, I have become successful in my career and obtaining financial freedom for myself and family. I have been given the ability to offer this to others to succeed as well and have very loyal clients who trust me as their agent.

Charlene Rodriguez Brightway, The Charlene Rodriguez Agency
Lakeland, FL

Brightway, for me, has been a dream come true. I have a new energy in my step as I go to the office each day. For my team and I, the sky is the limit.

Michele Robicheaux Brightway, The Michele Robicheaux Agency
Youngsville, LA

I joined Brightway nine years ago and, through hard work and great process and organization, grew a very large agency that grows on customer referrals. I love helping people—so much so that I recently acquired a second Brightway agency. Owning your own business is the American dream. Brightway can help make it a reality.

Billy Wagner Brightway, Ponte Vedra Beach and Brightway, Deland
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and Deland, FL
Kristy Moffat Brightway, The Moffat Agency
Gainesville, FL
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  • Brightway agents consistently outsell their independent counterparts. When you join us, you can too.