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For Joseph Miller, working at Brightway Insurance started as a summer job he could work while he was home from college. A full-time student at Berry College, in Mount Berry, Georgia, Miller learned of Brightway through his father, who is a Brightway Agency Owner.

Miller recalls of his father, “Every single day he would come home from work, and all he had to say was positive things like how Brightway was growing so quickly, and that I should start looking in that direction.”

In the summer of 2019, Miller reached out to Brightway’s Senior Director of Human Resources and after going through the application and interview process, the company hired him as in Intern in the Accounting department.

“It was really cool to work in the Home Office and to be in a corporate office. I got to see how the day-to-day was,” said Miller.

In the summer of 2020 Miller returned, but this time he worked for the Service Center on Commercial policies. Miller’s experience was quite different compared to his prior internship due to the COVID-19 pandemic and his switch to working from home. In his current position, Miller engages in a lot of fact-checking and gathering of necessary information to ensure policies have enough documentation to be properly activated. This position requires contact with customers and agency personnel, which allows him to employ his skills from his Communications classes.

Miller admitted, “I knew very little about what the Commercial team did but found that it’s work I’m able to do, and I’m learning a lot.”

His open attitude and willingness to learn has made him an asset to the company.

When Miller notified his supervisor that he would be heading back to school in August, he expressed that he enjoyed the work and would love the opportunity to come back to work during the holiday breaks. 

Joseph had made a good impression. He demonstrated his ability to work effectively in a remote environment, and the company had a great need for individuals with his work ethic to complete additional weekend work. It was with this in mind that the company offered Miller a remote position while he continued to pursue his college degree in Georgia.

Miller was excited to report that he is working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, which allows him to put his primary focus on his academics during the week.

“We actually have a need for more people to do Service (non-telephone) work over the weekends, so I’m glad we could keep Joseph on with us while fulfilling a company need,” said Brightway Senior Director of Human Resources, Linda Hill.
“Prior to the pandemic, we had a small number of employees working remotely, but the pandemic pushed us to take the work-from-home opportunity to a new level when we moved all employees to a remote work environment in mid-March, and we found that many employees can be very successful from their homes. In a way, the pandemic has moved us in a direction that has created incredible opportunities for recruiting and retaining talented employees, like Joseph,” Hill added.

Miller, who is entering his Junior year as a Communications major, is excited about the opportunity to continue working for Brightway. He is eager to collect more experiences that leave him feeling empowered and motivated to pursue more corporate positions upon graduation.

“This is going to be so awesome for me when I’m typing up my resume, and I can say I did all this stuff. I want to know that I did the best job I could do when I was working for Brightway,” he said.

Miller said he’s interested in marketing, communications and film. He thinks a career at Brightway is something he would enjoy, especially if he could work in his field of study.

“Working for Brightway these past two summers has shown me I can definitely have a career there,” he said.

Miller said while it’s easy to get nervous about starting a new position at a company, it’s best to remain open to learning and growth.

“They (Brightway) will find a job for you. They can put you to work. They understand where you’re at and help you hone your skills and help you to find out what you really want to do,” he said.
“When I first started working for Brightway at the corporate office I was so nervous because it’s a corporate office, and it was my first time being in one, but it’s just people. Everyone’s a person, and when you’re lucky enough to work at Brightway, everyone is extremely nice to you all the time, even if they don’t know you,” he added.

His advice for others looking for career opportunities?

“We have a lot more potential than we give ourselves credit for, and Brightway can definitely help you find it.”

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About Brightway Insurance
Founded in 2008, Brightway has since grown to more than 200 locations across 22 states serving customers in all 50 states and has earned recognition as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Northeast Florida by the Jacksonville Business Journal for 12 consecutive years. At Home Office, Brightway employees focus on delivering holistic business support that empowers agents to sell more.

Brightway employees enjoy:

  • Competitive salary
  • Paid time off
  • Medical/Dental/Life/Disability Insurance
  • Market-leading 401(k) with 4% match
  • Tuition reimbursement regardless of course of study
  • Comprehensive paid training

Most importantly, they enjoy a family based culture of inclusiveness where they can build positive, supportive relationships with co-workers, customers and agents.

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