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1- You can start your business from home and hire an unlimited amount of remote workers

Brightway has adapted continuously to make ownership in a franchise system with low risk and high reward easy. We have forged a new path for those seeking to join our recession-proof company by offering a start from home option for all of our franchise models. The new flexible options we’ve introduced provide new franchisees with the ability to defer many initial costs by launching their business from home and enable employees to work safely from home, indefinitely. 

2- Brightway is one of the only franchises available that pays residual income, helping you grow your business fast

As an insurance franchise, you continue to earn money year after year when policies renew. This is one of reason's why Entrepreneur Magazine named Brightway one of The 5 Best Tax and Financial Franchises You Can Open in 2020. We are also recession-proof. During times of economic hardship, consumers re-shop their insurance policies as they look to save money and ensure they have the right coverage to protect their most valuable assets. With access to more insurance brands than nearly 90% of all insurance agents, Brightway Agents are able to customize packages of policies that meet each customers’ unique needs.

3- You can virtually attend a Day of Discovery to learn more about us

You can now meet with members of Brightway’s executive team and other members of our Home Office staff by attending one of our Virtual Days of Discovery. Held most Fridays, Days of Discovery are a great way to hear about all facets of Brightway and how you will be supported when you partner with us. 

Interested in learning more? Just fill out the form below or email to get in touch with one of our Franchise Consultants and they will walk you through our process, send you resources and answer your questions.

Begin your journey with a recession-proof company that offers residual income in a multi-billion-dollar industry. 

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