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While spring is still over a month away, it’s important to maintain year-round coverage for all of your favorite spring and summer toys, like boats, motorcycles, RVs and ATVs.

Even when your specialty vehicles are not in constant use, there are still plenty of risks they face when they’re not in action. Insurance claims are filed during the off-season for a variety of reasons – vandalism, theft, fire and flooding among the most common. And keep in mind that any injuries that happen on or around your toy may still be your legal responsibility. Without a liability insurance policy in effect, you may be responsible for any costs associated with such an injury.

Not only would keeping your insurance year-round ensure that you are protected no matter what, it also could save you money. If you decide to cancel your insurance policy during the off-season and something happens to your toy, you’d have to pay out of pocket for any repairs or replacements. Many insurance companies also offer special discounts for toy policies that are kept year-round.

So before you make any changes, be sure to check your current coverage and ensure that you are protected year-round no matter what.

*Information courtesy of Progressive

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