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Having fears  about something is completely natural - especially when considering a new business opportunity. There's a lot at stake for not only you and your family, but the company you are considering partnering with.

Below we list some of the most common fears we see from potential partners. 

The capital required to get started with Brightway is out of my reach

Brightway is dedicated to making agency ownership attainable. That’s why we have created different options for experienced Personal Lines sales agents to get started with us. Bottom line- if you have Personal Lines experience we have a solution that will fit your agency ownership goals.

If you do not have Personal Lines experience, our flagship Retail Agency program is available to you and offers the highest level of support as we help you build your business. One thing to consider is the comprehensive support you receive along with the highest earnings potential that comes with a Brightway Retail Agency locations. Since it also gives you the rights to open a second location with no franchisee fee, it is a model best fit for many of our enterprise seekers. 

Brightway isn’t established enough in my state

Brightway serves customers in all 50 states and is one of the fastest-growing franchises in America according to Entrepreneur. In just over 11 years we have grown from a company with $38 million in premium to over $625 million today. While our beginning growth was mainly concentrated in the Southeast, we have been quickly expanding our footprint across the U.S. We are scheduled to open our 200th location by the end of the year.

I don’t want to sell Personal Lines insurance

Brightway’s bread and butter is Personal Lines insurance, particularly Homeowners insurance depending on the state you’re in.  We have relationships with more insurance brands than other independent agencies giving customers more choice. Brightway agents sell a variety of products though, including Life insurance and Commercial insurance. What’s more- there are no sales quotas for our franchise partners and they enjoy predictable earnings with no complicated sales matrices. You sell what you are most successful in selling – whether it’s Homeowners, Auto or Flood policies.


I want to service my own book

If you want to take time away from selling new business which drives your profits the most, then Brightway likely isn’t a good fit for you. Our “you sell, we service” model is what we are known for and  it works. Our agents outsell their counterparts two-to-one because they are empowered to focus on selling.

Our Home Office Service Center team members undergo an extensive nine-week training program before joining us and all of our representatives hold 2-20 or 4-40 licenses.

Our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) outlines the financial performance of our agencies and we proudly make this available to anyone interested in partnering with us and give a detailed overview of it. Some franchise companies gloss over their FDD because it doesn't paint a pretty picture. At the end of the day, all franchise companies are required to share an FDD with potential franchisees so when looking at any franchise – the FDD is one of the most important documents to look over carefully.

I know nothing about insurance- I can’t possibly imagine being successful at this

You don’t have to imagine it. We have done it. The two largest Brightway locations are owned and operated by people with no prior insurance background. Half of all Brightway locations with books of business over *$10 million, are owned and operated by people with no prior insurance background and 67% of Brightway locations with books of business over *$15 million, are owned and operated by people with no prior insurance background.

Our first-rate training and ongoing support empower people from a wide variety of backgrounds to be successful in the Brightway system. 



* Your results as a new franchisee may differ. There is no assurance that you will sell as much. This information can be found in Table 1 of Item 19 of Brightway Insurance Inc.’s Franchise Disclosure Document issued April 12, 2019, as amended, which shows the Annualized Premium of the 142 Included Locations for the 2018 calendar year. The 142 Included Locations in Table 1 were open for more than 12 months as of the end of 2018. This Table provides a snapshot of the size of the book of business associated with each of the Included Locations, which is a commonly-referenced metric used in the insurance industry to determine agency size.

Begin your journey with a recession-proof company that offers residual income in a multi-billion-dollar industry. 

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