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In January Brightway, one of the largest Personal Lines agencies in the country, introduced a new program designed to make insurance agency franchise ownership more attainable. The new commission-based program, called Independent Agent, empowers experienced Personal Lines insurance agents to start selling in the Brightway system while qualifying for franchise ownership.

When anything new is introduced by a company of course there comes some misconceptions so let’s take a few minutes out and step into our Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman Halloween costumes and become MythBusters.

Fact or Fiction? You can work from home

Answer: Fact

As a Brightway Independent Agent we encourage you to work from home so you can be as profitable as possible and not have to worry about paying rent for an outside office space.


Fact or Fiction? There’s no franchise fee to pay but there are several on-going fees to pay

Answer: Fiction

It’s true there is no franchise fee to pay but there are also no ongoing fees you need to pay either as a Brightway Independent Agent. Your only out-of-pocket expense is a one-time single payment to our E&O provider. Brightway Independent Agents are required to purchase E&O coverage for themselves before they can start selling insurance policies from our many carrier partners. The price of a 12-month E&O policy varies depending on where you live but we typically see policies range in price $850-$950.

Everything else is covered on your behalf by Brightway- that includes your use of our Agency Management System and comparative raters.


Fact or Fiction? When you become a Brightway Independent Agent, you’re on your own

Answer: Fiction

While the training and support you receive is different than what you would receive if you joined our Retail Agency or Office Agent program, you still receive our Home Office team’s expertise. For one, all Brightway Agents receive our signature after-the-sale service so they can focus on selling new business. We also provide our Independent Agents with in-depth training and support as well as a detailed referral marketing plan.


Fact or Fiction? You can only be in the Brightway Independent Agent program for up to a year

Answer: Fact but it’s only the beginning of your Brightway journey

The goal of the Independent Agent program is to empower more Rockstar insurance sales agents to become their own boss and open their own Brightway franchise.  The program allows you to start earning income immediately with no on-going fees or rent to pay.

You can renew the six-month contract for another six months, giving you 12 months total to reach our qualifying sales goal which gives you the green light for a fully financed franchisee fee. What’s the sales goal? Sell four new policies a week over a six-week period.

Fact or Fiction?
You can become a Brightway Independent Agent in as little as two weeks.


Here are the five steps you need to complete to become a Brightway Independent Agent, which can and have been completed in as short as two weeks.

  1. File your business entity

  2. Sign our agreement

  3. Pay your E&O premium

  4. Complete our five-day virtual training course

  5. Start selling!


Interested in joining our Independent Agent program? Sign-up for our live webinar on October 16th at 11 a.m. (EST) or fill out our form to get in touch with a Brightway Sales Consultant. 

Begin your journey with a recession-proof company that offers residual income in a multi-billion-dollar industry. 

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