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While there are many things that set business opportunities apart from one another, there are times of extraordinary circumstances that bring to light true differences between them.

In insurance, the most obvious circumstance can be a hurricane. But something you may not always think about is when an insurance carrier goes out of business. That’s exactly what recently happened when the state of Florida placed Florida Specialty Insurance Co. (FSIC) into receivership, leaving its 90,000 customers and their agents having to scramble to find new coverage by Nov. 1.

For a traditional independent agency in Florida, this situation has likely required a lot of work and a lot of time away from selling new business as they work to support their customers affected by this.

At Brightway, we are supporting our agents by not only rewriting many policies on their behalf, we are handling the statutory requirements that come with receivership.

This type of support is just one way our franchisees leverage the holistic business platform we invented and continuously perfecting and it’s part of what empowers our agents outsell the best independent agents in the country *two-to-one.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Brightway is supporting our Florida agents.

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