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  • Robicheaux_newsroom.jpg

    Michele Robicheaux opens a Brightway Insurance Agency in Youngsville, La.

    Brightway, The Michele Robicheaux Agency is open.

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  • NJ_Rural_LeafyLake.jpg

    Damion Del Corsano brings Brightway Insurance to North Jersey

    Brightway, The Del Corsano Family Agency has opened in Chatham, N.J.

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  • recruiting_newsroom.jpg

    Brightway Insurance seeks talent to fill 20 new roles in its Service Center in Jacksonville, Fla.

    Growth drives more jobs at Brightway.

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  • Franchise Gator_newswroom.png

    Brightway Insurance named a Top 100 Franchise for 2018

    Franchise Gator names Brightway to list fourth consecutive year.

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  • asteroids_web.jpg

    Ask the experts: Does my insurance cover asteroids, meteors and falling satellites?

    Interestingly enough, falling objects, which include asteroids, meteors, satellites and any other debris from space, are covered under standard Homeowners and Business insurance policies.

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  • boats_web.jpg

    Should I keep my specialty vehicle insurance during the off-season?

    Even when your specialty vehicles are not in constant use, there are still plenty of risks they face when they’re not in action.

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  • landslide_web.jpg

    Q & A: Insurance coverage for landslides and mudflow

    While heavy rainfall commonly leads to flooding, it can also lead to mudflows and landslides

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  • UM_web.jpg

    Uninsured motorist coverage: What you need to know

    Did you know, in 2015, about one in eight drivers in the U.S. were uninsured motorists?

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  • winterweather_web.jpg

    Don’t let winter weather wreck your ride

    These preventative care tips will ensure that you are prepared for the big chill.

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  • lapsedauto_web.jpg

    What happens if I stop paying my Auto insurance bill?

    Whatever reason you have, not paying your Auto insurance bills is an expensive mistake that can have long-lasting and hard-hitting repercussions.

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