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Office Agency

  • $5,000 franchise fee gives you the right to two locations
  • Minimum additional working capital of $20,000 required
  • Commission split of 60% New Business/50% Renewal
  • Enhanced option to buy up to 80% New Business commission with franchise fee of $30,000
  • Access to the top carriers in your market
  • Holistic business support, including service after-the-sale
  • Professional office space location for lower operating costs
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Retail Agency

  • $60,000 franchise fee gives you the right to two locations
  • Minimum additional working capital of $88,300
  • Commission split of 85% New Business/55% Renewal
  • Earn up to 100% New Business commission through exclusive Horizons bonus program
  • Access to the top carriers in your market
  • Holistic business support, including service after-the-sale
  • Retail location for highest visibility of the Brightway brand
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Getting started

What are the details of the start-at-home option?
You may launch your business from home for the first 90 days. Starting from home helps you more effectively cash flow your business start-up, making it easier to hire Producers earlier. After the 90 days, you will transition to a professional office space. If you are a Retail Agency Owner, you can remain in the professional office space for up to one full year at which point, you will move into your retail space where you help build the Brightway brand in exchange for 85% New Business and 55% Renewal commission.

I need financing.
We are approved on the SBA Registry which means many local lending institutions are available for your financing needs. Feel free to discuss this further with a Franchise Consultant.

I’m a veteran, do you offer a discount?
Thank you for your service. And, yes, as a veteran you will enjoy a 10% discount off the franchise fee. You can also check out this veteran’s guide to starting a small business

Can I sell other types of insurance besides Personal Lines?
Yes, you will have the opportunity to also sell Life and Commercial insurance.

Are there limitations on where I can open my Brightway location?
Yes, there are limitations in certain markets where there are existing Brightway locations. Our Onboarding Team will work with you in selecting the best location for your office. 

If I don’t have insurance experience, can I still run my operation, or do I have to hire someone who does?
Each Brightway location is required to have a Designated Agency Principal (DAP) to run the day-to-day operations of your business. While having a DAP who has experience and deep carrier knowledge is the most beneficial option for your business, you may be the DAP or can hire someone else who does not have insurance experience. Please know that this lack of experience may limit your carrier selection until you are able to prove yourself in insurance sales.

Training and Support

Can you describe the training I will receive?
From the moment you sign your Franchise Agreement, our Agency Growth & Development team will begin your customized training process. The first step is a Welcome Call during which you’ll learn what to expect. All Training is provided either through our Brightway University Online or virtually, saving you time and expense and getting your operation off the ground as quickly as possible.

Can you tell me more about the support I will receive from Brightway?
Some people are attracted to us by the choice in insurance brands we offer. Others are attracted by the service after the sale that empowers you to build world-class sales teams. And, while those features of the Brightway system are terrific, we like to say that they are the icing on the cake. The key to your success is the comprehensive system of business support that includes:

  • Training to help you launch your business successfully
  • A Marketing and PR team to position you as the local insurance expert in your community and provide you with the tools you need to network with referral sources and build your brand with customers
  • An Agency Development team to help you develop your business strategy and develop compensation plans for your Producers
  • An Agency Support team available to answer any questions you have
  • An Accounting team that provides twice monthly Commission Statements accurate to the penny and complete with worksheets you can use to customize compensation for your Producers

How exactly does Brightway service my customers?
It’s not just about providing customers the service they need, but the Customer Experience that they want. Once a policy is sold to a new customer, their service needs are handled by a best-in-class Customer Experience team at our Home Office in Jacksonville, Fla. Although the Customer Experience team is in Jacksonville, you position them as your back-office service department and they provide seamless service to your customers, referring opportunities for customers’ additional policy needs back to you. 

Future growth

Can I open an Office Agency as a Retail Agency Owner?
You can if you form a separate business entity that owns the Office Agency. If you choose to do this, you cannot share work between offices and your Office Agency will receive the lower commission split. This is also not considered your second location and there would be a franchise fee.

Can I convert to your Retail Agency model in the future?
No. However, you may open additional Office Agency locations to build your Enterprise, using your free second unit at any point in your Brightway career.

Can I start with the Standard option and move to Enhanced in the future?
Yes. When your book size reaches $750,000 in written premium, and you wish to convert, let us know. The one-time fee to convert to the Enhanced model and enjoy higher New Business commission is $40,000.

Retirement options

What are my options if I want to retire?
At every renewal term, or every five years, if you decide you don’t want to renew your contract you will have the opportunity to sell your business or take a guaranteed buyout from Brightway.

  • The buyout option is 1.5 times your renewal commission, is paid out over 24 months and is re-calculated at month 12. The re-calculation benefits you—your renewal commission 12 months later will most likely be higher than it was when we originally calculated the buyout
  • You also have the ability to sell your business to a Brightway-approved buyer. This option offers you the ability to sell to buyers who want a turnkey operation
  • We also empower you to pass on your agency to a family member or successor at any time. If your dream is to continue your legacy, we want to help you achieve it. Since you’re giving your business as a gift, no additional franchise fee is incurred

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Our reputation says it all.

My main job as an Agency Owner is to protect my clients’ most important assets. Being partnered with Brightway provides me with the tools and the carriers to be able to do just that. This opportunity also allows me to provide opportunities for my employees that they may not get elsewhere. Plus, it allows me to build the type of future I want for myself and my family

Kandie Landers Brightway, The Landers Agency
Glendale, CO and Fort Lauderdale, FL

Coming on in October 10 years ago, two short months after the opening of Brightway, I have become successful in my career and obtaining financial freedom for myself and family. I have been given the ability to offer this to others to succeed as well and have very loyal clients who trust me as their agent.

Charlene Rodriguez Brightway, The Charlene Rodriguez Agency
Lakeland, FL

Brightway, for me, has been a dream come true. I have a new energy in my step as I go to the office each day. For my team and I, the sky is the limit.

Michele Robicheaux Brightway, The Michele Robicheaux Agency
Youngsville, LA

I joined Brightway nine years ago and, through hard work and great process and organization, grew a very large agency that grows on customer referrals. I love helping people—so much so that I recently acquired a second Brightway agency. Owning your own business is the American dream. Brightway can help make it a reality.

Billy Wagner Brightway, Ponte Vedra Beach and Brightway, Deland
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and Deland, FL

Kristy Moffat Brightway, The Moffat Agency
Gainesville, FL

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