The most compelling reasons to join Brightway are highlighted by Forbes’ assessment of us as the #1 Franchise to Buy in the U.S.

Our system gives agents the tools to outsell others two-to-one

At more than 32 percent "Sales Velocity," Brightway franchisees sell new business more than twice as fast as the best independent agencies in the country.**

Investment success

Brightway Agency Owners succeed because:

  • They have the widest selection of insurance companies to offer their customers. “Captive” agents (State Farm, Allstate) generally sell insurance for just one company. Every Brightway agency has access to more than twice as many companies as the average independent agency.
  • The programs and processes we use are developed and executed by a Leadership Team with an average of 30 years’ experience leading national U.S. financial services companies—we know what works and why
  • Our system gives agents the tools to outsell others two-to-one**

System quality and transparency

We are very proud of our agencies’ results. Average gross annual revenue of agencies in the Brightway system:***

An average-performing agency in the system

A top 25% performing agency in the system

Our top-performing agency

Our commitment to long-term support

Our Agency Owners enjoy a higher rate of return on their investment, in part, because their ongoing operating costs are lower (we use our buying power to negotiate deep discounts and pass 100% of those savings on; no mark ups in pass-through costs) and they’re able to fill more consumers’ insurance needs with their broad selection of markets.

Our reputation says it all.

From my first Home Office visit to the day of my grand opening, I have had a great support system by my side. There is a genuine sincerity from the top leadership down to the customer service teams that made me feel that I was not being "sold to" but rather being shown what a great team that I was joining.

Derrick Vance Brightway, The Vance Agency

Louisiana was a brand-new state for Brightway and when I opened my doors, I had access to more than a dozen insurance companies. Where I came from, I had access to exactly one company. Combining my expertise with a wide variety of insurance markets makes my offering invaluable to my customers.

Ben Rodriguez Brightway, The Ben Rodriguez Agency

When I first heard about Brightway, it was the carrier appointments that got my attention. Then it became apparent that it is the strength of the Leadership Team that really makes Brightway special.

Tony Barletta Brightway, The Barletta Agency

For me, the Brightway business model has two very important keys: access to a wide range of carriers that allow us to meet our clients’ needs, and a service center that lets agencies focus on continually growing new business.

Bobby Raymond Brightway, Fort Caroline

The number of carriers that Brightway works with was simply much better than what was offered by other companies. As a former captive agent for a national carrier, I know how important is to have choices when it comes to finding the right coverage for my customers.

Sam Kassar Brightway, Bonita Springs

With Brightway Insurance and the support they provide me and my agency, we are growing at an astronomical pace, something that is very unique to the insurance industry where most businesses level off in growth. That is a true testament to the Brightway model that allows its agents to achieve all that we want as long as we invest and believe in ourselves.

Chris Cole Brightway, The Chris Cole Agencies
Ashley Casey Brightway, The Casey Agency

Be your own boss and start building your own wealth.

Brightway agents consistently outsell their independent counterparts. When you open your agency, you can too.

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